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We love recommendations! Send us your favorite nonprofit or cause video with a quick description of why you love them. Your input will contribute to presenting a diverse selection issues, styles and genres.

Recommendations from your own organization are welcome.  We will include a link to your organization and words of praise in the Daily doGooder.

If you are not affiliated with the recommended video’s organization, you can be a guest curator and enjoy your preferred call out  with a link to your blog, website or organization.  Your comments about why you love the video will be featured.

Criteria for Daily DoGooder Video Selection

Duration: The videos we feature are generally between 30 seconds and 3 minutes, and are generally not longer than 5 minutes.

Technical quality: Sound and image quality is important to our audience and us. “Thrifty” videos with lower production values will be accepted if this is balanced by outstanding storytelling and/or a novel approach.

Content:  Effective storytelling utilizes the medium. Does the video say something visually? Does it “speak” on its own? Is it compelling, does it evoke a response? Is it well paced; is there a narrative arc? Does it fulfill the function of the video (awareness, solicitation, etc)? Does it inspire action? We also look for videos addressing underrepresented topics and areas of nonprofit and cause related work.

Currency: In general, we aim to feature recently released videos.  Of particular value are videos that explore relevant, “top of mind” issues. That said, great video that retains a topical currency is always welcome, even if the production date is older.

A note about politics: While some of the videos we feature are political, we don’t feature videos that are produced by political parties or affiliated with political campaigns.


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