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Missing People 

This moving film shows the Missing People Choir, which is made up of families of missing people, singing the song I Miss You. Its lyrics were written by Peter Boxell, whose son Lee has been missing since 1988. The music is intercut with tributes from the families of missing people and it’s this pared down, emotive approach that makes the case for why the charity needs support. Clare Cook, its head of campaigns, told me that the aim was not to make a traditional charity film but to encapsulate the ethos, values and approach of the charity. She finds that “whenever we show it to anyone they immediately get the importance of the charity’s work and are moved to help”. It reached almost 10,000 views on YouTube and after it was shown at a recent fundraising dinner the subsequent auction raised £166,000.In 2014, the charity Missing People brought together families missing loved ones to form a choir. Here they are performing 'I Miss You' with lyrics written by Peter Boxell about his son Lee who has been missing since 1988.

he song, which was written by Missing People Choir leader James Hawkins ( and Simon Rhodes, was recorded by the choir at Abbey Road Studios.

Missing People is the only charity in the UK which specialises in, and is dedicated to, bringing missing children and adults back together with their families. Some missing people you will have heard of, but many more you won’t. For their families, life without them can be a desperate and unbearable struggle. We are there for them 24 hours a day, every day of the year, at the end of a phone, text or email, ready to use every means possible to search for and find their missing loved ones and to provide vital on-going support to families where the agonising wait turns into years, not just days.

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