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Sustainable Food Trust

A Tale of Two Chickens is a short film which illustrates how we are paying a high price for food in hidden ways and why we need true cost accounting in our food and farming systems. This eplainer animation hleps visualize the problem of food system externalities by comparing the stories of two chickens from two different production systems. One chicken, reared on pasture and organically grown feed, has minimal external impacts and in fact can generate actual benefits. While the other chicken, produced in a factory farm, is associated with many negative impacts which create hidden costs, such as the spread of antibiotic resistance, poor working conditions for staff and the pollution of air, soil and water.

  1. Buy sustainably produced food
  2. Ensure there is access to good food for all
  3. Tax fertiliser and pesticides to discourage their overuse
  4. Incentivise people to eat better
  5. Support local businesses
  6. Treat workers fairly
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