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Together for Short Lives

"My daughter is an amazing gift. We won't have a long time together, but we will fill the time we do have with love, laughter and joy." This hard-hitting animation, designed to be used for a fundraising gala, illustrates the realities of being a parent of a child with a  complex and unpredictable life-shortening condition. The viewpoint is through the mothers eyes, allowing viewers to understand why families need round the clock care and support so they can make the most of every moment together. The film highlights the challenges these families face: "You never get to switch off. We're always one step away from a crisis. It's exhausting. You can feel completely isolated." And how having the right care and support can make a big difference: "These fantastic services keep us going day-to-day and means we have time to be together as a family. It means the world to us." This compelling real life story moved attendees so much that they raised a staggering £290,000 to help continue the work of providing lifeline support and services to improve the quality of life for families caring for terminally ill children.

By making a donation today, you are helping a child or young person to live the best life they can, for as long as they can.

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