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Three years ago, the leaders of UN humanitarian agencies issued an urgent appeal to those who could end the conflict in Syria. They called for every effort to save the Syrian people. “Enough”, they said, of the suffering and bloodshed. Now, the war is in its sixth brutal year. The bloodshed continues. The suffering deepens. This heartbreaking video is a part of an appeal by humanitarian organizations to urge agencies and individuals to join in a public, collective voice to the end of the carnage effecting 13.5 million individual human beings in Syria and has driven 4.6 million people to neighboring countries and beyond. The appeal calls for unimpeded and sustained access for humanitarian organizations to bring immediate relief to all those in need inside Syria. Humanitarian pauses and unconditional, monitored ceasefires to allow food and other urgent assistance to be delivered to civilians, vaccinations and other health campaigns, and for children to return to school. A cessation of attacks on civilian infrastructure — so that schools and hospitals and water supplies are kept safe.Freedom of movement for all civilians and the immediate lifting of all sieges by all parties.

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160 humanitarian organizations and United Nations agencies issued a joint appeal urging the world to raise their voices and call for an end to the Syria crisis and to the suffering endured by millions of civilians. The appeal also outlines a series of immediate, practical steps that can improve humanitarian access and the delivery of aid to those in need inside Syria. Read and share the full appeal.



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