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Great Big Story

In a fragile ecosystem, how do you conserve limited resources for future generations? That's the question that the small Pacific island nation of Palau is grappling with as it tries to combat illegal fishing. The country's rich marine ecosystem is now at risk, as boats from Southeast Asia venture farther into its crystalline waters in search of tuna and other prized fish. Earlier this year, YouTube announced an extension of its card-based annotations that gave creators the opportunity to raise funds for charities and nonprofits from within the video site’s player.. YouTube partnered with  Great Big Story for a series of films that document this issue and urges  concerned viewers to click an icon in the video’s upper-right hand corner to donate to the Wildlife Conservation Network, a nonprofit that fights for balanced co-existence between humans and animals.

Want to get involved? You can donate to the Wildlife Conservation Network by clicking the annotation in the film.  Learn more about YouTube"s card-based annotations.

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