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Drive Change Launch Film from Inspired Storytellers on Vimeo.

Drive Change 

For young adults who have been to prison or jail, transitioning back to employment and community can be tough, if not downright impossible. Drive Change, a NYC-based start-up, is helping previously incarcerated youth get back on their feetNew York is one of two states that automatically arrests and prosecutes 16-year-olds as adults, rather than 18, the standard age of adult criminal responsibility. Young people who are treated as adults in the criminal justice system face harsh conditions in adult jails. Upon release, they confront hurdles to employment and education impairing their ability to build sustainable futures. Drive Change uses a food truck business model to employ, train and empower young people, ages 16-25, returning home from prison. The visuals and audio in this fundraising launch video,  are truly immersive and it puts the issue at the forefront. Viewers have a better understanding of the challenges young people face as they come home from prison and  are moved to learn more about this social enterprise.

Fuel the mission through fundraising or donation.Get information on the campaign to Raise the Age of adult criminal responsibility in New York

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