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Edible Cutlery is tasty, fun, nutritious and environmental friendly. Can you beat that? India is one of the world's largest consumers of disposable plastic cutlery, which has the makings of a huge health and environmental crisis written all over it. This inspiring film is the wonderful story of a couple and how they've imagined a possible solution to this crisis. Edible spoons that come in 7 winning flavors: Sugar, Ginger Cinnamon, Ginger Garlic, Cumin, Celery, Black Pepper, and Mint-Ginger. The Kickstarter and social media campaign were incredible successful with 1.2 million views of the video within 10 minutes, 10 million orders for edible cutlery and the $20,000 ask brought in just shy of $280,000 in pledges! Innovation at it's best.

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Preorder your edible cutlery. Yum!

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