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New Yorkers Against Gun Violence 

It's graduation time and millions of students are getting their yearbook signed by their friends. But not all students get the chance to experience this tradition. In the last fifteen years alone, over 30,000 young Americans have lost their lives to gun-violence. New Yorkers Against Gun Violence has created a high school yearbook, that doubles as a petition, featuring photos and details of real-life kids who were victims of gun violence in the U.S. Both smart and heartbreaking, this campaign drives home the need for universal background checks on gun purchases. In 38 states it is legal to buy a gun without undergoing a criminal background check. The vast majority of gun offenders obtain their guns from private sellers where background checks are not required. States with universal background check laws have 48% less gun trafficking, 38% fewer deaths of women shot by intimate partners, and a 53% lower gun suicide rate than states without these laws. Furthermore, polls consistently show that over 90% of Americans support background checks.

This year, a unique yearbook is released for all the students who lost their lives to gun-related violence. Sign their yearbook,  an official petition to strengthen U.S. gun laws requiring universal background checks.

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