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It's Your Fault | 3:36 |

All India Bakchod  

Did you know that women who wear skirts are the leading cause of rape? Actually it doesn't even matter what women wear, they could even be in an astronaut suit, it would still be their fault. That is what this comedic video from All India Bakchod suggests. All India Bakchod is a leading comedy group in India that touches on controversial topics. In this video, they show how obscene the idea is that rape is the victims fault by presenting absurd scenerios; working late causes rape or  going to the police would be just another way to be humiliated by rape. The topic is serious, but the content almost makes you want to laugh. In the end the whole purpose is to encourage us to realize it's not the victims fault and we need to stop blaming them.




Stop blaming the victim, stop rape.

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