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Show Me Your Papers? Show'Em Your Voter Registration! | 0:59 |

Cuéntame   &    National Council of La Raza

Today is National Voter Registration Day, in an election year filled with unprecedented attacks of on the basic civil right of voting. In this clip Taboo, of the hip hop group Black Eyed Peas, voices a message to the Latino community to fight back against discriminatory "Show Me Your Papers" laws with the power of voting. Cuentame and National Council of La Raza are partnering to mobilize the Latino vote, spreading the word that to fight against future discriminatory, anti-immigration legislation requires active voters. Using a celebrity figure, a tailored message, and the defiant call to show the cops your voter registration card, this call to action  taps into the need for political activism at its most basic - voting.

Help spread the word. Every community should be able to leverage the democratic process. Register to Vote!

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