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January 30, 2015
NFL says No More | |
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No More

The NFL donated both production costs and airtime during the Super Bowl for this powerful ad from No More, an umbrella advocacy org. for groups working to combat domestic violence and sexual assault. The spot is meant to say loud and clear that the NFL takes this issue seriously after the public outcry over the mishandling of two high-profile player domestic abuse cases. It will reach millions with an important message and it is actually a thought-provoking PSA which focuses on the obstacles many abuse victims face in getting help when they can't even safely speak out. Based on an actual phone call, the spot opens with a voiceover of a woman pretending to order a pizza while calling 911 until the dispatcher understands why she can't talk freely.  It avoids direct images of violence but the camera chillingly suggests it as it pans across a disheveled house, where it looks like an altercation has occurred.  The commercial ends with the line: "When it's hard to talk, it's up to us to listen" and a call out to click and take the pledge to say "no more" domestic violence.

Sign the pledge to end domestic violence and sexual assault.

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