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July 28, 2015
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World Hepatitis Alliance

Viral hepatitis is the world's 8th biggest killer. It affects more than 1 in 12 people, killing 1.5 million every year, and yet awareness is inexplicably low. World Hepatitis Day was established to reduce stigma and create better understanding about how to prevent and treat hepatitis. This adorable music video does a fantastic job of educating while entertaining. A catchy tune, cute hand puppets, informational lyrics and an interactive ending connecting to campaign website and social media sharing, combined to create a viral video and 40,000 click throughs to learn more at World Hepatitis Alliance.  YouTube translation software detects viewers playback location and displays  subtitles in appropriate language.

You can provide a voice for the 4,000 lives that will be lost on World Hepatitis Day this year. By joining the Thunderclap and tweeting #4000voices you will be contributing your Twitter avatar our mosaic and adding your voice to call for action. If you are supporting via Facebook you can add your avatar to the 4000 voices mosaic via the World Hepatitis Day website

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