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February 10, 2016
The Y: Places | |

The Y

"If not for the nightly news, no one would even see this place.  But down here the world is different..." In this first YWCA advertising campaign, the voice-over talks about being invisible as the camera pans over a low-income neighborhood outside of Baltimore.  As the camera moves in to the individuals the viewer sees their smiles, bright spirits and vivid dreams. The campaign tagline reads: “When communities are forgotten, the Y remembers.” The Y.M.C.A. — or the Y as it is now known — has existed for more than 160 years and has never felt the need to advertise.  This is their first rebranding campaign that aims to change public perception from a "gym and swim place" to an organization that offers multi-dimensional services including “safe spaces, after-school programs, mentorship, meal programs.” They want people to realize that they are a relevant charity, worthy of our charitable donations.

Help families and kids in need reach there full potential.  Support the Y's work in youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.

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