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August 23, 2016
Break the Cycle | |

CASE (Community Action towards a Safer Environment)

This emotional 30-second spot packs a punch as it shifts the viewers assumptions and puts us in a child's shoes. A little boy is facing a TV.  There are violent sounds, which appear to be coming from the TV.  As the camera spans around the room, we see that the TV is actually off. The sounds are coming from within the house where this vulnerable child is sitting. It ends with the powerful message: ‘Break the Cycle of Violence and Donate’. CASE is a volunteer run community-based center that is providing individual counseling and trauma intervention to heal  one of the most damaging legacies of South Africa's political history.  Socially sanctioned violence created a cycle of violence.  In the poor area of the Western Cape, 100 people are killed in a month and 50% of women report having been victims of domestic violence.

Learn more about violence intervention or join the conversation on Twitter @CASEtweeter #breakviolence

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