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April 18, 2014
Darfur Stoves Project | |

Tech Museum of Innovation

In Darfur, women walk up to 7 hours for firewood, risking violence with every step. Here is a neat story of a collaborative approach to building an efficient stove that requires less wood, decreasing deforestation, cost and reducing opportunities for violence against women. Potential Energy's application of technology to benefit humanity was recognized in the Tech Museum of Innovation's 2013 Tech Awards.  Potential Energy received training and tools, including this video, to help spread awareness of their cause and organization. The clever use of animation in this artistic video takes viewers beyond the story of this project, in to the process of transformation. Just as the sketches take on a life of their own, so does the process of creating solutions.

Imagine having to put yourself at grave risk just to feed your family. Imagine the fear of being hours from safety with no hope of protection. Now imagine a solution you can be part of. Potential Energy's cookstoves are making a difference.

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