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September 23, 2016
Indian Givers | |

Neil Young

“Behind big money justice always fails." “There’s a battle raging on the sacred land/Our brothers and sisters had to take a stand." These are some of the powerful, persuasive words in Neil Young's new protest song "Indian Givers". Young is bringing awareness to the issue as he stands in solidarity with "Standing Rock Sioux Tribe", in their protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline, considered by climate activists as a sequel to Keystone XL. This civil-disobedience music video includes many images of 100's of Native people protesting this 1,168 mile oil duct project under construction in Native American territory from North Dakota to Illinois. The Standing Rock Sioux tribe has sued the federal government, on the grounds that the tribe was not properly consulted over the  pipeline that could threaten their sole water source and  go through ancient burial sites and sacred spaces.  Today is Native American Day, one of the days, along with Indigenous People's Day, that some states observe in place of Columbus Day.  



Support & Stand with Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and other Native peoples in their fight against The Dakota Access Pipeline.

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